Kobold Project is a project to build 'Cobalt Web Builder' and 'Kobold Engine.'

A description when registering to sourceforge.net is described below;

Public Description

Cobalt Web Builder is ANOTHER WAY of authoring HTML documents than WYSIWYG editors or simple text editors. The software uses TEMPLATE and SUBSTITUTION, which helps editing web document EASY and QUICK, especially when using CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

Registration Description

Cobalt Web Builder is another type of web document authoring software. It is neither a WYSIWYG editor nor a simple text editor. The software uses "template" and "substitution", which helps editing web document easy and quick.

The software can devided into two parts. The first part is called "Cobalt Web Builder". It is a win32 GUI application, a wrapper tool to use "Kobold Engine" (the second part) easily. Source code is written in delphi6. This application can be run on Windows OS.

The second part is called "Kobold Engine". It is a translator program to translate specially formatted texts, namely kobold scripts, into HTML documents. The translator is written in perl5, and so it can be run on any OS with perl.

Kobold scripts is a very simple text documents with "elements" for which the engine substitutes pre-defined strings during translation. When provided with keyword list, the script is set hyper links automatically according to the keyword list.

The software is currently published only in japanese, but it will be internationalized in the next version.